Tumbling Programs


Our Programs

Little Flippers (Preschool Program):

This program is full of fun, active and engaging instruction. Designed to introduce the fundamentals of gymnastics using modified apparatus. Our aim is to help your flipper develop essential coordination, balance and social skills.

Nin-jastics (Entry Program) – Mechanicsville Only:

Kids will begin learning how to maneuver through, over, and under small obstacles life throws their way. Designed to build both character and athleticism turning energy into ambition.

Tumbling Classes:

These tumbling programs are designed to teach flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness while building self-confidence in a relaxed yet challenging atmosphere. Gymnasts will focus on proper technique to build skills through progression using the air tumble trak and floor. Classes are aimed to meet each gymnast on his or her individual level. 

  • Level 1 will learn cart wheel, front/back walkover
  • Level 2 already has level 1 skills and will learn back-handspring and roundoff back handspring
  • Level 3 already has level 1 and 2 skills and will work on connections on roundoff back tuck
  • Level 4 and 5 will do more complex skills like standing tuck, layouts, fulls, etc.

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