Mechanicsville Schedule

6 week session starting May 9th until June 19th
$90/ per athlete – 45 minutes
$105/ per athlete – 60 minutes
$100/ Small group (up to 4 tumblers)

Tumbling Tots – Preschool Program – introduce the fundamentals of gymnastics & help your flipper develop essential coordination, balance and social skills.

Ninjastics – Entry Program – learn to maneuver through, over, and under obstacles + build both character and athleticism turning energy into ambition.

Level 1 – Pre-Basic Tumbling – will learn cartwheel, round-off, forward/backward roll, front/back walkover

Level 2 – Basic Foundation – already has level 1 skills and will learn back-handspring (BHS) and round-off BHS

Level 3 – Tuck – already has level 1 and 2 skills and will work on connections on round-off BHS tuck, front tuck.

Level 4/5 – Layouts/Twisting – already has level 1, 2, and 3 skills and will learn layouts, standing back tuck, fulls, doubles, Arabians, jump to tuck, standing full

Small Group– Grab your friends of the same skill set and enjoy a small class (No more than four tumblers)

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