Calvert Schedule

8 week session beginning March 2 until April 26
$140/ per athlete

Additional classes can be added as these fill up.

Level 1 – Pre-Basic Tumbling – will learn cartwheel, round-off, forward/backward roll, front/back walkover

Level 2 – Basic Foundation – already has level 1 skills and will learn back-handspring (BHS) and round-off BHS

Level 3 – Tuck – already has level 1 and 2 skills and will work on connections on round-off BHS tuck, front tuck.

Level 4/5 – Layouts/Twisting – already has level 1, 2, and 3 skills and will learn layouts, standing back tuck, fulls, doubles, Arabians, jump to tuck, standing full

After you create your account, scroll down and select “Register for classes”.
Make sure to select “Calvert Tumbling” when selecting your class.

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